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Metchosin BioBlitzes and MycoBlitzes: Results

In 2011 the experts who came to the Metchosin BioBlitz found 850 different species. Click on the picture at the right to view the results.
Bluebird sighting from 2011
Western Bluebird by Jeremy Gatten

At the 2012 BioBlitz almost 950 unique species were found. Click on the picture at the right to view the results
Physcomitrium pyriforme by Jamie Fenneman
Bladder Moss by Jamie Fenneman
An incredible 1250 species showed up at Bioblitz 2013. Click on the picture at the right to view the results.
Ensatina by Moralea Milne
Ensatina salamander by Moralea Milne
In the fall of 2013 the Metchosin Biodiversity Project held its first MycoBlitz at Pearson College.
2013 Mycoblitz mushrooms
Mushrooms on the collecting table at MycoBlitz
At the 2014 BioBlitz the search focussed on Metchosin's lakes and streams. Click on the picture at the right to view the results.
Asterionella formosa
Asterionella formosa, one of the diatoms in Metchosin's freshwater lakes
The Metchosin Biodiversity Project held its second MycoBlitz In the fall of 2014.
2014 Mycoblitz mushroom
Fringed gills of a Pluteus atromarginatus. Photo by James Holkko
The Metchosin BioBlitz celebrated its fifth year in June of 2015.
2015 BioBlitz species
Pinesap, Monotropa hypopitys. Photo by Roger St. Pierre.
The Metchosin MycoBlitz celebrated its third year in November of 2015.
2015 MycoBlitz species
Tubaria Punicea, the Christmas Naucoria. Photo by Roger Luke Mikler.
The Metchosin BioBlitz (sixth year) and MycoBlitz (fourth year) in 2016 moved to a new format, with a public event, Metchosin Biodiversity Day, and invited events.
2016 bioblitz
A brachiopod, a new phyllum added to Metchosin bioblitz records. Photo by Phil Lambert.
Three events were part of the BioBlitz/MycoBlitz activities in 2017. We had two mushroom forays, spring and fall, and one lichen outing. The outings brought the Metchosin species count to almost 2400 species.
2017 bioblitz
Chrysomphalina aurantiaca, a small forest beauty. Photo by Roger St. Pierre.
Featured in 2018 were a mycoblitz, a CRD-partnered Metchosin Biodiversity Day, and a blitz with experts on the old CRD flowline that snakes through Metchosin. In 2018 we began to add historical lists to our bioblitz data. The ones we have now included bring our species count to over 2600.
2018 bioblitz
Pilophorus acicula, the matchstick lichen, by James Holkko