Monadenia fidelis // Pacific Sideband Snail // Camas Hill

Beginning 2016, the Metchosin Biodiversity Project rebooted the annual Metchosin BioBlitz, turning it into two different kinds of events. One kind of event was a public celebration, Metchosin Biodiversity Day, with walks and talks and displays. The second kind of event--actually a series of events--was a targeted inventory of special species groups and special places.

Planning has started for the 2017 Metchosin Bioblitz events. Our Metchosin Biodiversity Day will be on Thursday July 13, 2017. We will be holding it in conjunction with CRD's Marine Day at Witty's Regional Park. Further information as plans develop. For our targeted inventories, we have our annual Metchosin MycoBlitz (November 3/4). We are also making plans to look specifically at our Metchosin moths and butterflies.

A lot of Metchosin species have been located during the six years of the Metchosin BioBlitzes and MycoBlitzes. Our species count edged over the 2300 mark in 2016. Here is the summary of our counts, broken down by organism groups.  You can also view the entire set of observations--more than 10,000--by species group and by scientific name.  In the Results tab at the left are descriptions of each of our BioBlitz events, with lots of pictures and good memories of days in the field.

In an October article this year, the Victoria Times-Colonist highlighted the significance of biodiversity in our region. "The B.C. Conservation Data Centre lists 1,649 species as extirpated, endangered, threatened or of special concern. Among those, 210 are in the capital region."

Artwork by Gala Milne

              Artwork by Gala Milne