Camassia quamash // Common Camas // Devonian

Metchosin BioBlitz 2012: People and Places

Early in the morning a Victoria Natural History Society birding group met at Witty's Lagoon to participate in the bird inventory Three birders scan for water birds at the beach. Photograph by Petr Salaba. Birders at Witty's
Joel Ussery Cristene Rafuse tallies the count during the morning walk through the Boys and Girls Club property. Notice the carefully co-ordinated colour camouflage. Photo by Kem Luther.
Val George, a VNHS birder shows a Pearson student, Kristina Parker, the ropes (i.e., the birds). Photo by Petr Salaba. Krinstina and birder
B&G club researchers Andy MacKinnon, Joe Antos, and Gerry Allen stalk the wily vasculars at the Boys and Girls Club property. Photo by Kem Luther.
BioBlitz 2012 experts gather in the Mel Cooper cabin to enjoy Martha Haylor's delicious fresh-baked cinnamon buns. Andy MacKinnon makes the official identification and volunteers to taste one just to be sure. Photo by Roger St. Pierre. Sticky Buns
Gerry Phil Roger St Pierre BioBlitz Garry Fletcher (left) and Phil Lambert led a team from Weir's Beach along the Metchosin shoreline. An alga on the rocks catches Garry's attention. Or is it something the dog left? Photo by Roger St. Pierre.
The team that walked the Metchosin shoreline ended up at Witty's Beach in time for a CRD beach seine. They helped to identify the sea critters pulled up by the net. In this picture Robyn Sealy, the CRD naturalist, and a helper bring the full net to the crowd waiting to see what they found. Photo by Roger St. Pierre. Bringing seine net ashore Roger St Pierre BioBlitz
Picking from seine net Roger St Pierre BioBlitz Participants pick through the bounty in the net and transfer the specimens to containers for a closer look. After identification the unharmed organisms are returned to their sea grass homes (with stories of adventure to tell to their offspring). Photo by Roger St. Pierre.
Kevin Trim shows CRD Naturalist Katie Nelson and her offspring some of the treasures of the deep (well, the shallows). Photo by Roger St. Pierre. Katie examining seine specimens Roger St Pierre BioBlitz
Experts arrive at cabin by Winder Early in the morning the invited experts and members of the public begin to arrive at the Mel Cooper cabin of the Boys and Girls Club. Photo by Richard Winder.
Andy MacKinnon organizes the morning's forays. Groups are sent to the Boys and Girls Club property, Camosun College's Van de Meer Reserve, Pearson College, the Weirs Beach to Witty's Beach shoreline, DND's Mary Hill, and Witty's Beach. Photo by Richard Winder. Andy gives directions to larger group by Winder
Andy MacKinnon points.jpg Andy MacKinnon: "The group going to Weir's Beach will head this direction. Unless it is the other direction." Photo by Richard Winder.
Kem Luther, thinking he is volunteering for a foray to a "commodious place", actually agrees to clean out the latrines while the groups do the morning forays. Photo by Richard Winder. Kem volunteers
Returning to cabin Participants in the morning forays filter back to the Mel Cooper cabin at noon. Photo by Richard Winder.
While waiting for lunch, SFU bee expert Elizabeth Elle and her student Sherri Elwell rove the fields in front of the Mel Cooper cabin, looking for bees. Photo by Richard Winder. Elizabeth and Sherri
Pizza Roger St Pierre At noon members of the foray teams gather at the Boys and Girls Club cabin to enjoy pizzas provided by My-Chosen Pizza. Photo by Roger St. Pierre
At the 2012 BioBlitz participants received BioBlitz hats and a buildable wooden model of a horse or a flying pig. The kits were made by Metchosin resident Derek Wulff. Finn Kelly, Kem Luther's grandson, put together one of the pig kits. The picture shows the result. Crank the handle and the pig flies! Derek's flying pig